BagelWorks, Inc.

Not Just a Roll With a Hole


BW2Bozeman BagelWorks, Inc. is located at 708 Main Street in the Rocky Mountain town of Bozeman, Montana, an hour and a half north of Yellowstone National Park. Since 1991, our staff has been boiling and baking New York style bagels for our customers.

BagelWorks (The Original)

Come in and enjoy our delicious bagel creations to satisfy your cravings. We offer an assortment of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, topped with freshly prepared ingredients. Savor the flavors of our homemade cream cheeses and spreads. With over 10 varieties of bagels to choose from, the combinations are endless!

Join us for a family-friendly atmosphere, freshly-rolled, boiled and baked bagels, reasonable prices!

Call ahead with orders to have them ready upon arrival: 406-585-1727. Please allow adequate time for large orders or multiple dozens.



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